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Roofing a House

About Us

Frestons is a dynamic team servicing people’s property needs across London and the Home Counties. Our aim is simple, to apply a personal touch to an industry devoid of personality.

As an online agency, clients benefit from a 24 hour service, allowing them to reach a member of the team at any time. Being online further allows us the benefit of having boots on the ground, rather than in the office, and our team can focus on Frestons’ key services: viewings, valuations and personal property sourcing, all whilst having the software and infrastructure of a traditional agent.

Although we believe in the online model, we do not subscribe to the ‘fees up front’ approach of most online agents. At Frestons we take a firm ‘no sale no fee’ stance, meaning we are solely responsible for getting the job done, ensuring our clients' needs are met.

Frestons currently has a 100% positive feedback rate and are quickly establishing ourselves as the agent for results. Organically we are becoming known as the agency to get you moving.

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